Combination Light

2 in 1 LED Combination Light


  • Integrated fog light and DRL two functions in one compact, high quality unit.
  • Aluminum base and hard coated lens for excellent heat dissipation and UV resistance.
  • High impact material & waterproof design.
  • Comply with ECE、SAE、FMVSS regulation.
Product Number EL6110
Input Voltage 10~16VDC
Current-Fog Light 0.43A@13.5VDC
Current-DRL (Full) 0.4A@13.5VDC
Current-DRL (Reduced) 0.06A@13.5VDC
Power-Fog Light 5.8W
Power-DRL (Full)> 4.6W
Power-DRL (Reduced) 0.8W
Color Temp. 5700K White
Operating Temp. -30°C ~ +70°C
Lens Material PC
Housing Material Aluminum
Approval ECE, SAE, FMVSS
  • Wide beam optic with penetrable light source, enhances safety in serious weather conditions and avoids dazzling affect.
  • Durable and less energy consuming with long service life.
  • Universal fixing bracket for easy installation.
  • Excellent heat dissipation design and hard-coated lens for UV resistance.
  • Comply with ECE, SAE, FMVSS regulation.
  • Car fog lamp replacement
  • 4x4 vehicle, Jeeps, Off-road applications
  • Customized car light modification
  • Truck or Buses